Hello. This post is our first and in it I hope to help explain what our short term goals are for AusCorp Gaming (ACG). I have many long term goals for this next step in AusCorp’s brand, but i’m going to keep those close to my heart for now. I’d like to begin by providing some back-story as to how the thought of this venture occurred and I plan to finish by doing my best to explain how things will work in ACG and what that means for Taskforce AusCorp (TFAC) members.

Some back-story

When I very first started Taskforce AusCorp, then AusCorp Company, I wanted to create something I had never seen before. At that time, I had been a part of more Milsim and Realism groups than I can remember and different parts of these groups did some things in ways I did not enjoy. In each of these groups, a sense of community and belonging always seemed to be amiss. If it wasn’t that, it was a weird obsession for calling each other sir and conducting hours long training that never translated to useful ArmA skills. The knowledge that was taught was useful, just never in a game.

When I founded AusCorp Company, I had a taste of what I liked and a group of friends. The early bunch of AusCorp Company members were a testing bed for finding out how best to create an environment that put fun first. This environment did not mean there was no seriousness involved, it just meant that the order of priority was to enjoy yourself first and foremost without also sacrificing the serious nature of a Realism group.

Through the many shut downs of AusCorp Company and Taskforce AusCorp, the many members of senior and junior staff that have helped TFAC get to where it is at this very moment, I have continued to learn. Taskforce AusCorp is now at a point where it is mostly autonomous. The input I provide is very small and very very focused, mostly on technical matters or people related issues.

One of my largest joys throughout this journey is having something to tinker with. Something to grow. Something that I could continue to grow.

Unfortunately due to the nature of ArmA 3 and limitations on the size of a group that resides within one, I believe Taskforce AusCorp is now at a point where it only needs nurturing. Nurturing that Thomas has been doing for some time. It needs fresh eyes as well, people with the ability to provide extra angles on things. Tate and Spartan have been doing a wonderful job at this as well.

For me, I am a creator who cannot create in the current environment. I now plan to leave Taskforce AusCorp in the capable hands of the current staff team and start something new with the help of many of the same wonderful people.

What is AusCorp Gaming?

AusCorp Gaming is my next logical step towards creating a larger community based on the successes and knowledge learnt whilst developing TFAC. ACG is ambitious. I’ll be very honest about that. AusCorp Gaming is going to be the new “parent” in an eco-system of many games. Taskforce AusCorp will be a division of the new venture.

For existing TFAC members, nothing will change. Zilch. Nada. If you wish to get involved in AusCorp Gaming, I encourage you to do so. If anything outside of TFAC does not interest you and you are purely there to play ArmA, I have setup AusCorp Gaming so you can do that.

TFAC Member and AusCorp Gaming member

People coming over from TFAC will be required to undergo the same joining process as a new member of AusCorp Gaming does. Some people will be members straight away as you will notice. I need a user base to start with. These are mostly veteran members that I have great experience with and know the attitudes of. It also is people who I have organised with to help run some of our new coordinated community games.

Information on the joining requires are found on the join ACG part of our website.


To briefly explain divisions and attempt not to double tap information already found on the website, they are; Organised sectors of the AusCorp Gaming community that operate with their own, internal ranking structure, missions, extra rule set, members.

Much like Taskforce AusCorp, they can have quite a broad scope, however, they fit under AusCorp Gaming’s umbrella and are supported by the larger network. For Taskforce AusCorp this primarily means IT support and a central body. For new divisions, such as Squad and DCS, it is much more.

The new, AusCorp Gaming hierarchy is as shown below.

AusCorp Gaming
led by willithappen, infernus
Taskforce AusCorp
led by CAPT Thomas
AusCorp Squad
led by willithappen
AusCorp DCS
led by TrickyJumbo
Coordinated Games
CSGO: JazzboterinoTarkov: WilsonSea of Thieves: Konk
AusCorp Gaming – Organisational Hierachy

Each division has its own entry requirements. Taskforce AusCorp’s will not change. Becoming a part of ACG as a member of a division is much easier. You are able to become a probationary member straight away, if you want, as you have already at least passed the standard required to be in a division. This does not however work in reverse. Each division may decide to weigh your involvement in AusCorp Gaming separately.

People who have been Dishonorably Discharged AND told they cannot return from TFAC will also be banned from AusCorp Gaming. People who have been kicked for other reasons still have the chance to become a probationary member of ACG. This is because becoming a probationary member, as listed on the join ACG page, requires first, a vouch by an existing member and secondly them to be voted in. We hope this gives some people a chance to get involved again if their attitudes have changed.

Our list of coordinated games is only what we currently plan on opening with. Over time we plan to add more based on demand. If the game has the ability to have its servers hosted, we plan to give game coordinators access to boot these and tweak them via a game panel.

AusCorp Community Games Discord

The community games discord will be closed after one week and all people are expected to now use the main, AusCorp Gaming discord. If the ACG discord is missing things you want to see, let us know. We’ll work on adding it based on demand. We understand also many of you have your own smaller discord for different reasons. I cannot stop you from using these nor do I ask you to. You should be allowed to play your games the way you want. If you are committed to a game and want to help develop our new venture, we’d love to help you find a way to fit into the new discord. We will make channels you need and provide the permissions in those channels for you to go crazy and establish a new community branch.

For now, we don’t plan on opening additional divisions so we can focus on doing DCS and Squad well. Over time, we do want more.

What does this mean for me and TFAC

As of the time of this post. I will be stepping away from TFAC nearly completely. I will continue to conduct technical work for the servers and keeping things operating, my primary focus will be on Squad and ACG.

I will become a PTE(P), join reservist so I can continue to play on Sunday’s and weekday events and otherwise most administrative control to CAPT Thomas. I will still have access to all channels as the discord was created by myself however, I will be mostly muting all channels that aren’t relevant to PTE(P) and being a reserve.

J4 will remain the overall administrative power of Taskforce AusCorp. I will only become involved if an issue relates to AusCorp Gaming. for example, breaking one of the rules or expectations.


I hope I have managed to answer most of the possible burning questions in this post. Please take the time to read the new pages on https://www.auscorpgaming.com, join the new discord and feel free to ask me questions there.

I’d like to finish by saying thank you to all the staff past and present who has helped TFAC become the legend it is now. I’d also like to thank the lads who are now helping ACG whilst in a role already in TFAC. I know you will prioritize your time well and not let down TFAC or ACG.

I’ll close with the only screenshot anyone ever has of my saluting in ArmA, because I hate doing it so much. But you all deserve it.