Outside of our games divisions, we offer coordination of some games by committed members of AusCorp. These games often have a competitive element to it or some way you can organise players in a session. Unlike a division these games don’t fit the same scope or possibility of scale that a division eligible game does. Before becoming a division for example, a game and its community may spend some time as a coordinated game with a single coordinator before becoming a fully fledged, highly supported division.

Games Coordinator

Within AusCorp Gaming, our community assists the growth and promotion of popular games within our member-base. Elected by both our staff team and regular players of these games, a Games Coordinator is involved in promoting events and regular sessions of games. Some games allow for servers to be hosted on our own dedicated servers. Games Coordinators in these scenarios will have the ability to tweak, boot, restart and play to their hearts content with settings for these servers to further meet the demands of these communities.

Games Clan Member

Some games allow for a competitive or more structured play to be achieved in the form of a team. For example, Escape From Tarkov allows the forming of raid teams that can improve their ability to work together. Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) allows the forming of competitive teams and focus on matchmaking and skill improvement.

For games of this kind, we allow our games coordinators to form teams for these games and allow people to join this smaller portion of our community at their discretion. Joining these portions of our community do not require you to be an AusCorp Gaming member. Membership is not required as it is at the discretion of the games coordinator who gets involved in this element that they put their time into.

To join one of our “Games Clan’s”, inquire within our discord after reading the key-information relevant to that game. These are found after reacting in our roles channel to the game you are interested in.

Member benefits for Coordinated Games

As a member of AusCorp Gaming, you will have access to resources created and collated by our games coordinators. These resources are visible in each respective games discord channels and vary from guides to teaching sessions by our coordinators to help better you at the game. We offer these benefits as a perk to being an AusCorp Gaming member.