Auscorp Gaming DCS

AusCorp’s DCS division takes a laid-back approach to combat flight simulation. We focus on the fun, not counting rivets. We strive to create a casual and enjoyable environment for DCS players of any and all skill levels.

Module Requirements

We don’t require our members to own any modules, but you might want to consider picking up the following for a better experience:

  • Persian Gulf/NTTR Maps
  • A carrier-capable aircraft (F-14 or F/A-18)

Public Events

We offer a private Through the Inferno session, which is a popular persistent, player vs. environment mission. In the future we aim to create our own persistent mission which will allow for greater flexibility. When not on our own servers we often fly on public servers hosted by other communities such as OCG, Hoggit and The Fraternity.


AusCorp DCS emulates a fictional Oceanic nation, with heavy influence from the defence forces of Australia and New Zealand. This is accompanied by a fictional Opfor for scenarios which don’t require a real life force.

Our operations typically start at 1800 AEST on Saturdays, and run for two to three hours. There are no strict attendance requirements, but inactive members are removed after a couple of months.

Joining our DCS Division

For more information on joining our DCS Squadron and for information about the difference between joining a division or AusCorp Gaming as a whole, join our discord.