AusCorp Gaming Divisions

AusCorp splits itself into separate structures to accommodate for growth into different tactical games. This seperation shares a joined IT and overall group admin team however, their structures, ranking and progression are different. Most positions in seperate divisions have no standing in the other. a Corporals rank in Taskforce AusCorp has no standing in other divisions and vice versa. Different Divisions of AusCorp will share a similar ruleset, however, they will be often adapted to best suit that portion of our community. The Division CO is a senior member of AusCorp Gaming that shares other administrative tasks in the community. Division XO’s are senior staff members of that portion of our community that also share community staffing responsibilities. AusCorp Divisions each have their own entry requirements into that portion of the group. Being a member of AusCorp Gaming is not an instant ticket into a division, it may however help.

Joining those portions of the community prior to being an AusCorp Gaming member will grant probationary member rank. The normal AusCorp Gaming member requirements must then be met as outlined on our join ACG page.