AusCorp Gaming is a public community that hopes to offer a place for people to gather, discuss and play games they enjoy. As part of this goal, we also foster a tight-knit team that hosts their own internal events and shares information and skills with each other.


In general we are very open to all folks wanting to become a part of our team. We do have some fairly simple requirements and steps that have to be followed to join us.

First, we need you to ensure you are familiar with our rules and expectations.

Second, you have to have been around on our discord for a while and played with an existing member of our group. This is so you can ask somebody to vouch for you.

Third, you will need to meet with one of our recruiting staff who will have a chat with you and find out the games you are keen on and check your steamID64 against our list of previous, banned, and kicked members.

Members of the recruitment team also include Games Coordinators, Division XO’s and CO’s.

First steps

Let the existing member of the group you’d like to be your vouch know you will be putting their name down as your reference. They have to be comfortable doing this. Once you know they are happy to vouch for you, send a message to a recruiting staff member and they’ll set you up with information about probation and some finer details.

Once you have cleared all the requirements you will enter your probation. During this time, usually only a month, you are encouraged to be active on our discord and play around with people in our community. Whilst on probation, existing members will vote at any time on whether they believe you fit the attitudes and expectations of one of our members. This voting process is anonymous and not visible to you.

Too few positive votes on your name normally means you have not been active enough to engage with many of our members.

Negative votes, in any number, reflect poorly on you.

Once we believe you have enough votes based on the number of existing members in our community at the time, we will reach out to members who have voted, without knowledge of which way they voted, and ask about you. We primarily will reach out to Games Coordinators or Division CO’s during this process.

If everything looks good, we will touch base with you and get you involved in the deeper parts of our team. If it has been a month and you have heard nothing, your probation has been extended due to an inadequate number of votes either way. If you are denied, we will let you know. You will be able to try again in 3 months, if you are interested.

To become a part

Join our discord and start getting involved. After playing with us for some time, when you believe you are ready, ask one of the following people for more information on joining and they will add you to the needed discord role to see our recruiting channel;

A Games Coordinator (yellow on discord)
A division XO or CO