AusCorp Gaming keeps our rules within our general and mostly public community fairly simple.

Each division or coordinated games community may have an additional set of rules that are specific to those games. These rules are always an addition to the basic rules outlined here. Additional rules made for divisions or communities may never conflict with the rules we have here. Expectations for a community or division may be higher, but never lower.


AusCorp members and persons joining our discord or public servers are required to follow the below rules. Servers will have additional rules specific to that game or community that you can find on-server or in discord.

  1. Treat all members of AusCorp, public players and allied clans with respect.
  2. Do not disrespect other servers or communities.
  3. Do not advertise other servers or communities.
  4. Do not advertise our community on other servers or communities without authorization. We do not want to cause upset or break other communities rules.
  5. Respect the offline privacy of all users of our discord.
    5a. Attempting to find real information about a member of AusCorp or any other person is strictly prohibited.
    5b. Spreading the information of a member of AusCorp or any other person is strictly prohibited.
  6. DO NOT post, link to or otherwise reference vulgar, racist or sexual content.
  7. DO NOT post, link to or otherwise reference shit posting/flame baiting/troll or other bait related topics or replies.
  8. DO NOT Spam posts or replies.


Our community has a very basic set of expectations of people wishing to join us. We ask this of members and hope that public players can also follow along.

  • Be a well natured non aggressive person.
  • Listen to all points of view.
  • Be prepared to be wrong in some situations.
  • Be ready to learn new things.
  • Check the discord for updates at least once a day.

(Auscorp Gaming reserves the right to modify, edit or delete sections or whole parts of this document without prior notice)