AusCorp Gaming Squad

Our Squad community strives to assist others to enjoy the game. Whether you are brand new to squad or you’re a veteran of many betas, AusCorp hopes to find a way to enjoy your time in our community.

Our Squad division often organizes to play on public servers and play with the wider Squad community. During public play, we always adhere to the rules of the community we are amongst. Where possible we will form our own in-game squad, however, we will only do this provided it does not ruin the balance of the game and will endeavour to not lock our squad on most occasions.

Private Sessions

Whilst not playing on public servers, AusCorp Gaming hosts small private sessions for our members to enjoy mostly close quarters missions. We will often craft one life events or story based single objective sessions to get the most out of Squad. Joining these sessions is often reserved for AusCorp Gaming members with some roles specifically for those involved in our Squad Division.

Joining our Squad Division

For more information on joining our Squad Division and for information about the difference between joining a division or AusCorp Gaming as a whole, join our discord.